Lionel Messi receives the worst news after the friendly against El Salvador

Lionel Messi and Inter Miami have just received the worst news.

Lionel Messi and Inter Miami have just received the worst news.

After more than 3 months of inactivity, Lionel Andres Messi finally returned to a match with Inter Miami. David Beckham's club played a friendly match against the national team of El Salvador. The match did not shine for its entertainment, since the 0-0 remained during the 90 minutes.

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Beyond the fact that the match had good harmony as it was a friendly, everything changed with the serious injury of Facundo Farías, the Argentine from Inter Miami who is one of the main talents of the squad. The Argentine had to be taken off on a stretcher after a strong tackle.

Why did Lionel Messi come to Inter Miami? “I made the decision that I am going to go to Miami. I still haven't got it one hundred percent closed. I'm missing some things, but we decided to continue on the path.

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If the Barcelona thing didn't work out, I wanted to leave Europe, get out of the spotlight and think more about my family. I wanted to have my own decision and not have to wait again. After having achieved everything thanks to God and winning the World Cup, which was what I wanted so much, I wanted to look for something else and a little peace of mind,” he said.

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