Josep Guardiola chooses Xavi Hernandez's replacement for Barcelona

This is the one chosen by Pep Guardiola to train FC Barcelona.

By William Estrella

Josep Guardiola chooses Xavi Hernandez's replacement for Barcelona
Josep Guardiola chooses Xavi Hernandez's replacement for Barcelona
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FC Barcelona is not having a good season, because even though they are now starting to play better, Xavi Hernandez will leave the club this summer. The Catalan coach got tired of coaching Barcelona and believes that the best thing for both parties was to part ways.

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Now, Josep Guardiola has placed a coach as the ideal one to replace Xavi Hernandez. The rumored new coaches are Hansi Flick, Roberto de Zerbi and Rafael Marquez. Josep Guardiola believes that the chosen one must be Roberto De Zerbi, and explained why.

This is how Pep Guardiola explains the work of Roberto De Zerbi: "There is no one in the world who plays like Brighton: they have a unique style. Since Roberto arrived in the Premier League, I had the feeling that he would have a great impact, but no "I expected him to have it so soon. His team creates 20 to 25 chances per game, many more than their rivals."

Afterwards, Josep Guardiola continued: "They monopolize the ball like I haven't seen in a long time. All the players are involved, their goalkeeper practically plays as a midfielder. If you don't play at the highest level, this team can do whatever they want with you. They deserve all the praise and success they are having.”

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Guardiola's words about Xabi Alonso:

In addition to Roberto de Zerbi, Pep Guardiola was asked about the work that Xabi Alonso is doing at Bayer Leverkusen: "If you ask me about the job that Xabi Alonso is doing, honestly "'Wow!'... They are undefeated, the only team in football that is undefeated in all competitions and fighting there with Bayern..."

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