Jack Grealish decides to follow in Messi's footsteps in a surprise move

Manchester City player has decided to follow the steps of Messi.

By Juan Macías

Lionel Messi and Jack Grealish
Lionel Messi and Jack Grealish
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The Manchester City player has been a really important player in the current season, and that has allowed him to get more options for the future of his career now.

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Jack Grealish has been really important for the Citizens, and while the fact is that they are still looking to get some better performances out of him, the fact is that they are also looking to make sure that he remains being one of the most important players on and off the pitch, and this could really help him in the next part of his career for the near future.

"It's for a new advertising campaign with Vinnie Jones who has also been signed up. Both of them have filmed their parts for the advert and it'll be seen by fans later this year. Jack is worth every penny as far as Pepsi are concerned because everything he touches turns to gold." the agent of Grealish said know that the player has signed a new deal with Pepsi this week.

He added, "It's a really fun advert, and Jack and Vinnie are following in the footsteps of other big players like David Beckham and Lionel Messi." and the fact is that now Pepsi has decided for him to continue their history of adverts that have included players just like Messi himself in the past and in a new one now.

Jack Grealish is also the face of brands like Puma, Gucci and Bose, but the fact is that now his latest deal is this one with Pepsi and the fans are excited to see him appear in the same commercial as Messi and this could be the start of a next part of the career of Grealish as one of the players that have several brands behind him as well.

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Jack Grealish house

"I can't begin to explain how devastated I am over the burglary that took place at my home a few days ago." Grealish wrote on social media and the fact is that the player is still concern about this situation and this could change his future now.

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