It wasn't Vinicius, the player that recreated Cristiano's iconic celebration

A linkup for the ages between Cristiano Ronaldo and a famous female footballer as they do the Siuuuuu

By Michail-Angelos Grigoropoulos

The legendary Siuuuuuuu in full effect
The legendary Siuuuuuuu in full effect
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Iconic celebrations. Each sport has an iconic celebration that goes viral, and everyone tries to recreate. In basketball you had the Lebron James silencer celebration, or the Steph Curry night night celebration. Yet there is no celebration in sport that will ever be more popular than the “Siuuu”. The iconic Cristiano Ronaldo celebration still exists today after over a decade of the Portuguese superstar doing it after nearly every goal. The celebration started in Madrid, made its way to Turin, then traveled to Manchester with the prodigal son, and then made its way over to Saudi Arabia. Whilst also being performed in Portugal what has felt like a thousand times.

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But the popularity of the “Siuuu” is far beyond what anyone ever expected. It’s not just Cristiano Ronaldo that does it, it’s everyone across the world. A kid at the local park will score a goal and his first instinct is to yell out “SIUUUUU”. You’ve seen other athletes do it not just in football but other sports. Odell Beckham Jr did it after scoring a touchdown in the NFL. Opponents even do it against Ronaldo, as who can remember when Ghana’s Osman Bukari doing it last year at the World Cup during Portugal vs Ghana.

Ronaldo has about what feels like a billion sponsors but one sponsor that has featured the global sensation is Binance. The cryptocurrency platform has been advertising Cristiano Ronaldo a whole lately, as they had a lie detector test done with the football recently as well. This time they had Ronaldo team up with another footballer to do the “Siuuu”.

That footballer’s name is Ana Markovic. The Croatian female footballer has become a famous figure on social media, particularly Instagram where she has over three million followers. The Croatian recently recovered from a serious injury and currently plays her football in Sweden for Grasshopper.

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What Markovic had to say about Ronaldo

Like many others one of Markovic’s favorite players and she had this to say about him in an interview with 20Minuten “My absolute favourite player is Cristiano Ronaldo because he's just so disciplined. I think it's super important that you give your all in sport and have a good mindset like him,” said Markovic.

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