Iconic trio? Madrid and Brazil fans excited, Endrick inspired by Vini & Rodrygo

Endrick looks up to Vinicius Jr and Rodrygo and hope they all can bring joy in Brazil.

By Emmanuel Mendez

Real Madrid fans could be soon witnessing an iconic trio featuring Vinicius, Rodrygo, and Endrick.
Real Madrid fans could be soon witnessing an iconic trio featuring Vinicius, Rodrygo, and Endrick.
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Real Madrid is glad to hear about the maturity and focus Endrick had in his early career. Endrick is only 17 years old, but his goal to succeed in football is very high. Endrick looks forward to playing at Real Madrid next season, as he currently plays in Brazil.

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Endrick is currently playing for Brazil's pre-Olympics national team. The Brazilian teenage sensation has excited many Brazil fans and Real Madrid fans for his performances for club and country. Brazil icon Cafu has also commented on the player. Cafu considers that Endrick can "become our [Brazil's] greatest hope.” These words and recognition have led to Endrick expressing his desire to bring joy to Brazil along with Vinicius and Rodyrgo.

Endrick recently spoke in an interview with Placar and mentioned his future Brazil and Real Madrid teammates. Endrick says, “I just want to make the children of this new generation happy so that they can grow up with a smile. I am doing this & I believe that Vini is too, he can be an idol for our generation & the Brazilians. Rodrygo, as well. I just want to be happy & make the Brazilian people happy.”

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Endrick expressed his shock reaction when he made his senior Brazil national team debut

Endrick played in two World Cup qualifying matches in November. It was his first two games for the senior Brazil national team at 17 years old. Endrick speaks on his reaction to Brazil fans cheering the Argentina national team when Brazil lost to them 1-0 at the Maracana. Endrick says, "When I played at the Maracaná, I saw Brazilians supporting Argentina. It's a little sad because it's a Clásico, a war. It's Brazil-Argentina! Seeing people cheering for Argentina was sad. We want to give a happier face to the fans and, God willing, we can be World Cup champions in the coming years."

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