New dilemma for Real Madrid and Vinicius after Endrick's new request

Endrick speaks on his excitement of joining Real Madrid this summer.

By Emmanuel Mendez

Real Madrid fans will get to watch both Vinicius and Endrick in the Santiago Bernabeu.
Real Madrid fans will get to watch both Vinicius and Endrick in the Santiago Bernabeu.
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Vinicius Jr and Rodrygo have been sensational for Real Madrid in the past few seasons. The two Brazilians have shown their qualities, like their pace and skills, in the Santiago Bernabeu. This summer, Real Madrid will get to see the debut of Endrick, one of the brightest young talents from Brazil.

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Endrick signed for Real Madrid in late 2022 and will join Madrid this summer when he turns 18. Endrick turns 18 on July 21st and will join the team that month. He signed a three-year contract with Real Madrid that starts in July, and the fee is reportedly around 72 million euros, which includes add-ons. Endrick has traveled to Madrid to meet his future teammates and watched the team play at the Santiago Bernabeu. Endrick spoke about his experience watching the team at the stadium, saying, "Watching the game at the Bernabéu, I didn't even look at the ball; I was looking at where the spaces are; how the players positioned themselves. [Jude] Bellingham impressed me a lot because he never stops running. I was able to follow along, and I really enjoyed being there."

Endrick mentions on what numbers he likes to wear. Endrick says, "My preferred number? There is no ideal number, but my favorite is 7. That's what I use in video games when I play NBA and in FIFA to play Pro Clubs. It is a number that for me draws a lot of attention because Cristiano was 7. It's a number that I look at and see a good difference. I like it a lot, but I don't know. Now I'm the 9 at Palmeiras. I've played with 11, with 10, with 7... numbers don't matter to me, but obviously, 9 is a big responsibility, and it's a very good shirt too."

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Real Madrid have a new dilemma next season in regards to give Endrick a number in the team

As Endrick mentions, the number 7 is his favorite number, but he cannot take it as it belongs to Vinicius Jr. He did mention having played with the numbers 11, 10, and 9. The number 11 at Real Madrid belongs to Rodrygo, while the number 10 belongs to Luka Modric. Kylian Mbappe could join Real Madrid this summer as well, which makes it tricky to decide what player wears what number. The number 9 is vacant, which could be what Endrick wears. Mbappe will probably wear the number 10 if Modric leaves this summer. If Modric doesn't leave, it could be interesting to see what number both Endrick and Mbappe choose.

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