He turned his back? Neymar did not vote for Lionel Messi in The Best awards

The Brazilian attacker could not even vote, because he is not captain of Brazil.

By Hector Garcia

The Brazilian attacker could not even vote, because he is not captain of Brazil.
The Brazilian attacker could not even vote, because he is not captain of Brazil.
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A controversy surrounds The Best award, after Lionel Messi won the trophy from Erling Haaland despite having a tie in points, on social networks they point out 'help from FIFA', due to a 'ghost vote' from Neymar. The Brazilian player is being accused of having voted for Messi in first place for The Best Award, but the South American has clarified that he did not vote for the Argentine.

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The votes that, according to what they say, Neymar gave as captain of Brazil at the award gala went viral on social networks, since it is claimed that he gave Messi as the winner followed by Mbappé and Erling Haaland, but he denies it. The Brazilian star commented on a post on social networks and made it clear that he 'did not vote for anyone', leading to comments and alleged help from FIFA to 'give another trophy' to Messi.

At The Best gala, the captains and coaches of different teams vote. For Brazil, they claim that Neymar voted for Messi, but this is impossible, since the registered captain who did cast his vote was Casemiro, not the one from Al-Hilal. That is why although there are thousands of angry fans, and who believe that FIFA helps Messi continue winning trophies, they really fell into 'fake news', since they did not review the official list of captains' votes.

To dispel doubts, the votes that Casemiro, Brazil's captain in The Best, actually gave were for Haaland in first place, followed by Lio Messi and then Mbappé. Given this situation, it began to be assured that there was someone who cast those votes, where Messi was number one, Kylian Mbappé was second and Erling Haaland was third.

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Neymar's reaction

On the 10th he commented, "I didn't vote for anyone" unleashing, but it has already been revealed what was the way in which the Brazilian National Team cast these votes and made it clear that it was not Neymar, but Casemiro. With Neymar out due to injury for a few months, the captain's hat was given to the Manchester United midfielder and it was he who issued his verdict, but not as was announced, but instead he gave Haaland as leader, followed by Messi and Mbappé as third.

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