Guardiola trembles, he is key for Man City and he could replace Mbappé at PSG

Manchester City could lose a very important player to replace Mbappé.

By Juan Macías

Pep Guardiola
Pep Guardiola
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The Citizens are now aware that they could be a part of the teams that could lose an important player in order to replace Mbappé for the PSG team now.

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PSG office seems to be ready to lose Kylian Mbappé in the next summer transfer window, but the fact is that right now they are looking to go ahead and make sure that a player that could replace him arrives to the team in the next part of the season as this could complicate the future of some teams that could lose several players with the french team intentions now.

The main reason why the PSG team could be looking to go ahead and secure the arrival of several players is that thanks to the fact that Kylian Mbappé would leave the team, they could save almost 350 million euros for the next season between the salary of the player and the bonus that they paid him to stay with the team, and they are now ready to use that.

Several sources have been able to confirm that now a player that could arrive to PSG with the intention to replace him is going to be Bernardo Silva, he could be the next man on the list and most of the sources believe that he is open to make the move in the next summer transfer window for a team.

Bernardo Silva is one of the most important players for Guardiola, but the fact is that it is no secret that he is open to make a move, and while he seems to aim for the Barcelona team, the fact is that right now he could be looking to go ahead and accept the move to the PSG team to take on a new challenge to end his good career.

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Bernardo Silva value

Despite being a 29 year old player the fact is that the Citizens are expecting to get at least 60 to 80 million euros for Bernardo Silva, but the french team seems to be more than ready to go ahead and pay that amount for the player.

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