Guardiola's real complaint about facing Real Madrid in the Champions League soon

Manchester City's Pep Guardiola spoke about his team's upcoming season.

By Emmanuel Mendez

Pep Guardiola complains ahead of their Champions League game against Real Madrid.
Pep Guardiola complains ahead of their Champions League game against Real Madrid.
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Manchester City will soon play against Real Madrid in the Champions League quarterfinals. The first leg will be played at the Santiago Bernabeu on April 9th, and the second leg will be played on April 17th at the Etihad Stadium. Real Madrid will play against Athletic Bilbao today, but after that, they will not play again since the Copa Del Rey is next weekend. Man City, on the other hand, will play three Premier League games against Arsenal, Aston Villa, and Crystal Palace. Pep Guardiola was asked about his team's schedule, and the Spanish manager went on a rant.

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Pep Guardiola was asked about his schedule after this Sunday's Arsenal game in anticipation of the Real Madrid match in less than two weeks. Guardiola said, "We play Aston Villa at 20:15, then 12:30 [vs Crystal Palace] Saturday, 12:30! After we go to Madrid on Tuesday. Madrid have nine days to prepare, nine days! I'd like to think, ‘Oh give me one more day’, because the difference is a lot. No chance."

Guardiola complains about the schedule even after the second leg of the Real Madrid match since they will play the FA Cup semi-final against Chelsea. Guardiola said, " We play against Real Madrid in the second leg on Wednesday, after we can play Saturday or Sunday [in the FA Cup semi-final] - why are we playing Saturday? Every year we play on Saturday. Coventry and United don’t play in the Champions League. Why don’t we play on Sunday? The answer: the broadcasters pay a lot of money. After that we play Thursday, it’s Thursday then Sunday, why don’t we play Wednesday? We will go to London to play Chelsea, Chelsea will not come here, we will go to London five hours to go there - we will travel, no problem. When I see Saturday, why? Just put the game on Sunday, because we play on Wednesday, why play Saturday? I would love to know

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Guardiola defends his club against FIFA and UEFA

Guardiola mentioned FIFA and UEFA in his rant. Guardiola said, "UEFA has it’s own business, FIFA has it’s own business, broadcasters have it’s own business, but I have my own business, and I defend my club. My club is really tough; three days, three days, when the other clubs don’t have that situation."

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