French legend defends Lionel Messi when he criticizes Cristiano Ronaldo

A French legend criticized Cristiano Ronaldo for an opinion that shocked the world.

By Emmanuel Mendez

Lionel Messi is defended by French legend when he talked about Cristiano Ronaldo.
Lionel Messi is defended by French legend when he talked about Cristiano Ronaldo.
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The Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi rivalry has dominated the football scene for many years. Ronaldo and Messi fans continue to compare the two and they defend their favorite player from performances at Al Nassr and Inter Miami respectively. While the two are playing in different parts of the world, the talk between them continues after Ronaldo made a comment recently that had the football community talking. Ronaldo's impact in the Saudi Arabian league has been impressive as many football fans are now paying attention to Saudi Arabian football and football in Asia. Messi is doing somethings similar as he arrived in the United States and made the MLS a must watch league.

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Cristiano Ronaldo joined Al Nassr in January 2023 and since then has led to many other football stars from Europe to join the league. The Saudi Pro League is enjoying to bring the European stars to their country and are looking to make more big deals this summer. As the Saudi Pro League gets stronger with talent, Cristiano Ronaldo's claims when he joined the league are becoming true. Ronaldo believed that the Saudi Pro League would become one of the world's best leagues ahead of European leagues.

Ronaldo then caused controversy when he recently said that the Saudi League is already better than Ligue 1. This was received with lots of divided opinions in the football community. Many believe this statement is to satisfy Ronaldo in the current league, and others believe that it could be true since the Ligue 1 is the weakest of the top five European leagues. A French legend who spoke about these comments criticized Ronaldo for it while defending Lionel Messi.

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Frank Leboeuf was annoyed to hear Ronaldo's comments

French legend Frank Leboeuf discussed Ronaldo's comments on the Saudi Pro League being better than Ligue 1. Leboeuf said, "It annoys me when I hear Cristiano Ronaldo saying that the Saudi Pro League is better than Ligue 1. Why do you think he chose to make that comment about Ligue 1 rather than the Portuguese League? It’s because Lionel Messi played in Ligue 1. I have lots of respect for him as a player, but come on, just shut up! It is unfair to Ligue 1.”

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