FIFA President Infantino to fight off racism with tough consequences

After yesterday's incident with Milan's Mike Maignan and the Udinese fans, FIFA president looks for a tough way to stop racism.

By Emmanuel Mendez

Gianni Infantino wants teams of racist fans to be punished if it happens again.
Gianni Infantino wants teams of racist fans to be punished if it happens again.
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AC Milan got a huge 3-2 win against Udinese in the Serie A last night. The win felt better for AC Milan players because in the first half, Milan's keeper, Mike Maignan, was racially abused by some of the Udinese fans. After Milan took the lead in the 31st minute, Maignan went up to the referee and told him that he was racially abused and wanted to stop playing.

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Maignan walked off the pitch and went to the dressing room. The rest of the Milan players followed, and the game was delayed for ten minutes. After that, the Milan players came back out and decided to play the rest of the match. Milan would go down 2-1 in the second half. Two late goals by Luka Jovic and Noah Okafor gave Milan a comeback win which keeps them third in the Serie A.

Rafael Leao went on Instagram to post a picture with his teammates, including Maignan, celebrating the win and captioning the post with, "SAY NO TO RACISM." Mike Maignan also spoke after the game and mentioned that it wasn't the first time he was racially abused in the game or in his career. He was not happy and didn't want to continue playing after all the verbal abuse he received.

Maignan says, "At the first goal kick, I heard monkey chants, and I didn’t say anything. Second goal kick, they did it again, so I called the bench and fourth referee. There needs to be very harsh sanctions. Just talking does nothing”.

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FIFA President Gianni Infantino calls for teams to forfeit games if their supporters cause acts of racism

FIFA President Gianni Infantino was aware of the Maignan situation and has proposed a tough punishment for teams if their fans make racist chants. According to The Athletic, Infantino calls for teams to be forced to automatically forfeit a match if their supporters commit acts of racism and cause abandonment.

FIFA's statement reads, "As well as the three-step process (match stopped, match re-stopped, match abandoned), we have to implement an automatic forfeit for the team whose fans have committed racism and caused the match to be abandoned as well as worldwide stadium bans and criminal charges for racists.

FIFA and football shows full solidarity to victims of racism and any form of discrimination. Once and for all: No to racism! No to any form of discrimination!”

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