Ferguson believed he was Man United future, receives weird gift with new team

By Juan Macías

Ferguson believed he was Man United future, receives weird gift with new team

Sir Alex Ferguson had really high hopes on this Manchester United player.

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The red devils academy players seem to be set to have a really great career, but it does not work that way with all of the players on the team.

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Manchester United team is now looking to make sure that they have the chance to get some new young players out of the academy, now that this has been really important in the histroy of the red devils and they have lost that in the few years, especially now that some of the players have not been as succesful as it was supposed to in their actual careers so far.

One of the players that was set to have a really good career was Jesse Lingard, but the fact is that with the problems that he has had off and on the pitch he was never able to complete the prediction that he was one of the best players on the academy of the red devils, and now he could be looking to change that with his new team now.

He got one last chance to shine in the Premier League when the Nottingham Forest team decided to take him as a free agent, but with the injuries and the bad performances he was never able to really settle on the team and he was cut out of the team, which allowed him to sign for the Seoul FC team.

But one of the weird moments as soon as Jesse Lingard arrived to his new team was when one of the fans that was waiting for him at the airport gave him a flute, which according to the fan it was a representation of the celebration that Lingard does when he scores a goal and how that could mean that he could have a really great season with the team.

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Jesse Lingard past

But the fact is that Jesse Lingard was one of the most important players from the red devils academy, and now they are looking to manage the young talent in a different way to avoid situations like this with players with a lot of talent right now.

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