Despite leaving FC Barcelona, Xavi doesn't shut the door of another future

Xavi says more about his departure but also reveals it might not be the last time at the club.

Xavi believes he can comeback to Barca in the future but for now is fine with leaving the club.

Ahead of the Osasuna match in La Liga tomorrow, FC Barcelona manager Xavi Hernandez continues to talk about his decision to leave the club this summer. Xavi spoke to the press about how the future at the club could look without him and discussed how his decision is best for both parties. Xavi is firm on his decision and won't change his mind if he wins titles this season.

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Xavi appreciated the support from the players and the fans about his decision. Just a day before his announcement, Xavi mentioned that the Barca job includes lots of criticism from fans and media, but when they leave, they receive support and appreciation. In the press conference before the Villarreal game, Xavi said, "You miss people when they leave. Look at Busi, Alba, and Valverde's leagues...I think there is little time left for me here. I hope you miss me. I value what I have now."

Before tomorrow's Osasuna game in La Liga, Xavi has expressed his appreciation for the kind messages he received after announcing his departure from the club. Xavi says, "I felt a lot of support from the fans in the last days after my announcement. We must be united, all Barcelona fans. Especially the fans. I thank them very much for their support, also to the locker room and the board. The season is not over. We want to do well."

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Xavi mentions that there is a possibility to returning to FC Barcelona in the future

During the press conference today, Xavi mentioned about not closing the door completely about returning to the club in the future. He also mentions thinking about his decision from the start of this season. Xavi says, "I had decided to leave from the beginning of the season. The decision on my resignation has been made for a long time; our work is not valued enough. That's why I had decided to leave from the beginning of the season. I do not rule out returning to Barça. Barça will have me…, but now I think they do not need me. I had already decided. I don't think the work is valued."

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