Cristiano Ronaldo's agent would have a new young star player for Real Madrid

Real Madrid is ready to do business again with Jorge Mendes for 80 million euros.

By Juan Macías

Florentino Perez and Jorge Mendes
Florentino Perez and Jorge Mendes
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The spanish team is still loooking for young players that could have an impact on their team, and they might be ready to sign this young star for the team.

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Real Madrid office is not only looking for players that could be part of the starting line up right away, but the fact is that they are also looking for players that could be a part of the starting line up in the next few months, and this could be one of the main goals for the team in the next transfer windows to secure the future of the team.

On top of that it has been confirmed that after the blow in the Copa del Rey, the team is now looking to bring some new players that could allow them to fight for most of the trophies that they are still looking to win in the current season, and this could allow for the team to bring some players that could cover some of the main positions for the team.

Several source have now confirmed that Jorge Mendes, the agent that brought Cristiano Ronaldo to the Real Madrid team is now going to be part of the negotiations that could also bring Leny Yoro to the spanish team, the french center back that has been able to have a really good impression on a lot of teams right now.

Leny Yoro seems to be one of the main options for the team to go ahead and reinforce the defense, but the fact is that there are several teams interested in him, that is the main reason why the influence of Jorge Mendes on the deal could really help the Real Madrid to take the advantage on the deal that would secure his arrival in the next summer as well.

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Leny Yoro value

On top of that it has also been confirmed that now that Leny Yoro is one of the main targets, the spanish team might be ready to go ahead and pay a total of 80 million euros for the center back to really secure the lead on the deal.

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