Bye Al Hilal, the reason that would place Neymar Jr at Inter Miami with Messi

Could Neymar leave Al Hilal so quickly, without pain or glory?

By William Estrella

Could Neymar leave Al Hilal so quickly, without pain or glory?
Could Neymar leave Al Hilal so quickly, without pain or glory?
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Neymar Jr left Paris Saint-Germain more than six months ago, hoping to finally get away from the media hurricane in which he was always, observed with a magnifying glass only to be criticized for the slightest carelessness. Neymar Jr always had spectacular talent, but his love for parties was the most criticized throughout his career.

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Ney arrived at Al Hilal as a signing that promised to revolutionize the Saudi Pro League, being, along with Cristiano Ronaldo, the faces of the league. However, Ney suffered a serious injury when he had barely played a couple of games with the Al Hilal shirt, and he has not played since then, nor will he play.

Now, a phrase from Neymar Jr has been revealed, in which he publicly admits that Lionel Messi has already invited him to go play for Inter Miami, which would be the last piece of David Beckham's club to definitely be the team of dreams of Barcelona 2015!

These were the words of Neymar Jr according to 'Managing Barca': "I have spoken with Messi, he said that he wants me to come to Inter Miami." Could the MSN (Lionel Messi, Luis Suarez and Neymar) return to play together at Inter Miami?

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Neymar is an idol despite not having won a World Cup:

According to Neymar Jr, the fact that he has not won any World Cup is not a failure, and he can still be an idol: "In Brazil we have a man who is the greatest idol, one of the most important names in the history of the country. , which is Zico, and he hasn't won a World Cup. That doesn't justify the quality and gift he had, and that also applies to me."

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