Bruno Fernandes actions makes Man United fans rage as Ten Hag faces new decision

Manchester United fans are not happy with Bruno Fernandes latest actions.

By Juan Macías

Bruno Fernandes
Bruno Fernandes
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The red devils were not able to keep the good results against the Fulham team, as they are also looking for players that need to improve in the current season.

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Manchester United new office is looking to get better results for the team in the next part of the season, and they are also ready to make this changes happen in the next few months to really help the team. Ten Hag main goal for this season is to end as one of the top four Premier League teams, this would allow them to reach Champions League football once again.

The main concern for the red devils fans and for Ten Hag is that there are certain players that need to improve in the next games as they could be key for them to actually get the results that they are looking for right now. Bruno Fernandes seems to be one of those players, as the fans are not really happy with the captain with his latest actions against Fulham.

Bruno Fernandes is key for the red devils to look for some better results in the next part of the season, but he definitely needs to change his actions in the current season. After the 2-1 defeat against Fulham there were some videos showing the captain of the team faking an injury just to get up a few seconds after.

This made the fans rage as the team was looking to tie the game once again, and Bruno Fernandes decided to fake an injury that the refeeres were not going to call as a foul on him. The main argument from the fans is that the portuguese midfielder is not a player that is suited to be the captain of the team as he always blame his own team mates.

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Ten Hag decision

Some sources close to the red devils do believe that Ten Hag could be looking to take the role of the captain from Bruno Fernandes and even there are some rumours that he could be sent to the bench for some of the next games this season.

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