Better than Barca? Gundogan compares between Man City and his current Barca team

Ilkay Gundogan speaks about his time at FC Barcelona and talks about how it differs to Manchester City.

By Emmanuel Mendez

Ilkay Gundogan talks about FC Barcelona's qualities and Manchester City's qualities.
Ilkay Gundogan talks about FC Barcelona's qualities and Manchester City's qualities.
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Ilkay Gundogan joined FC Barcelona for free this past summer from Manchester City. Gundogan helped Manchester City win a historic treble, including the club's first Champions League trophy. In the FA Cup Final, he scored a crucial goal to beat local rivals Manchester United. After the first months with FC Barcelona, Gundogan has experienced some highs and some lows this season. Gundogan talks about the differences between life at Barca and life at Man City.

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Gundogan spoke in an interview with La Vanguardia about FC Barcelona's recent performances this season. The Catalan team sits 3rd in the La Liga table with 54 points. Barca are 8 points below league leaders Real Madrid and 2 points of 2nd place Girona. Gundogan said, "Do I think Barça can play better than they do? Yes, without a doubt. Each of us can do better. We are not playing according to expectations. It's not an excuse but we've been through a lot of difficulties, injuries, young players under a lot of pressure."

Gundogan was asked if this current Barca team could compete with Manchester City. The German midfielder replied, "How far is Barça from Man City? We won't know until we compete with them. Every game starts from scratch in the Champions League. I would love to see us compete with these kind of teams but let's focus on Napoli now."

Gundogan acknowledges the pressure to play at FC Barcelona but compares it to playing for Man City. Gundogan said, "More pressure on Barça or Man City? I don't see much difference. I put the pressure on myself. I'm smart enough to know when I've played a good or a bad game. I look at myself, even when I get criticism from family or friends... 'You could have been better today, Ilkay.'"

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Ilkay Gundogan gives an honest answer on FC Barcelona's chance to win the Champions League this season

Gundogan was asked if he thinks Barca could win the Champions League this season, but he gives an honest answer. Gundogan said, "Do I think Barça can win the Champions League this season? I'll be honest. I see other teams with more possibilities and experience. But if we qualify for the quarter-finals, we enter a special field. Who could have expected Inter to reach the final last year? I'm a realist, but I also know it's difficult for everyone."

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