As Cristiano shines with Al Nassr, Georgina's announcement paralyzes the world

While Cristiano Ronaldo is preparing games with Al Nassr, his girlfriend's announcement shocks the world.

By Emmanuel Mendez

Cristiano Ronaldo's girlfriend gives a big hint at what her announcement could be.
Cristiano Ronaldo's girlfriend gives a big hint at what her announcement could be.
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Cristiano Ronaldo does not hide the fact that he loves his family very much. He admitted to being in love with his girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez for a while and the pair have looked happy since they first dated back in 2017. Rodriguez has publicly supported the Portuguese star, and Ronaldo does the same for her. While the pair have been dating for a long time, it was never known if the pair have secretly married or if Cristiano has given her a marriage ring. While Ronaldo is staying in Saudi Arabia to play for Al Nassr, Rodriguez has not been with him there and the pair arent as close as they wished they could.

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They both started dating during Ronaldo's final years at Real Madrid around the 2017/2018 season. The People reports that Ronaldo first met Georgina Rodriguez at a Gucci Store in Madrid, where the Argentine worked as a shop assistant. Ronaldo has told the story in the past and talked about how stunned he was when he saw her for the first time. Rodriguez also felt the same way, and she was shocked when Ronaldo messaged her for the first time.

Since 2017, they have shared two kids together as the whole family's relationship grows. Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. also has a good relationship with despite her not being his biological mother. While the relationship is strong, many Ronaldo fans want to know when Cristiano will marry her. Georgina could have just answered those questions.

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Georgina posted on her Instagram story a wedding-like invitation letter

On her Instagram, Georgina Rodriguez posted an invitation to an event taking place tomorrow, March 5th, in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The post read 'Announcement ' at the top with a letter and a heart blocking a name. Under the letter, it says, "& Georgina Rodriguez." Many assume that Ronaldo and Georgina will get married tomorrow in Saudi Arabia.

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