Arsenal shines against West Ham, however its stars are upset with these actions

By Juan Macías

Arsenal shines against West Ham, however its stars are upset with these actions

Arsenal team was great on the pitch but concerned about the off pitch situations.

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The Gunners are still looking to make keep themselves in the race for the Premier League and this results could boost their confidence for the next part of the season.

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Arsenal team was able to get a really good result when they face the West Ham team, and the fact is that right now they are looking to keep themselves in the race to fight for the Premier League title, but now it seems that they are looking to get some better results and to help the team off the pitch as well to really help the team right now.

One of the main concern for the Gunners is the fact that Declan Rice was booed from the West Ham team, despite the fact that the player was key for them in the past the fact is that right now they might be looking to change their feelings now that the player has been key for the Gunners after they paid the 100 million euros amount for him last summer.

On top of that it has also been confirmed that there were some issues on the stands between the Gunners fans and the Hammers, and the fact is that this is a concern for the team that is looking to get the support from their fans to every single game they played in the rest of the season right now.

"So classlees of West Ham fans to incessently boo Declan Rice after all he did for their club" Piers Morgan said and the fact is that Rice decided to have a really great performance to show that he is ready to keep being key for the Gunners and to show that he could be key for them to get the best results that they can in the next few months.

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Declan Rice reaction

Despite the boos Rice had a really great game and while he did not celebrate the goals against his former team he might also be able to change his feelings of respect to his former team in the past of the season for the Gunners so far.

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