AI replacing Jurgen Klopp? Liverpool & Google's new collaboration for football

Liverpool and Google will team up to build a new tool for football managers.

By Emmanuel Mendez

Liverpool and Google will collaborate on a new tool to help football coaches.
Liverpool and Google will collaborate on a new tool to help football coaches.
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Liverpool has one of the greatest managers football has ever seen. Jurgen Klopp has been a mastermind for Liverpool, and even though the team has not won as many titles as other teams like Manchester City, Klopp has developed a strong play style that fits his team. Liverpool will now have to count on another manager next season who isn't Jurgen Klopp after the German coach told the Liverpool fans that he would leave at the end of the season. Although Liverpool is targeting managers like Ruben Amorim, Liverpool fans learn that a new system could become a coach of its own, which could be the future of football.

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According to David Alvarez from El Pais, Google and Liverpool have collaborated on an AI model named TacticAI that gives coaches tactical advice. The AI system’s capabilities were highlighted in a study that found that tactics generated by TacticAI were indistinguishable from those made by humans. Remarkably, in comparison, the AI’s strategies were preferred 90% of the time. DeepMind emphasizes that the tool is intended to assist rather than replace human coaches.

TacticAI has three specific procedures in the model that will help football managers. TacticAI will analyze thousands of corner videos and find patterns. It will also see players' positions by seeing how the players are positioned before serving, predict quite accurately who the ball goes to, and whether there may be a shot. Finally, it will generate ideas on how to position yourself and how to execute. According to Liverpool analysts, AI is pretty good with corner analysis. 90% of the time they preferred AI solutions to what had happened in the real corner. Artificial intelligence understood the complex dynamics of football quite well.

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AI would not have prevented the corner Liverpool scored from against FC Barcelona in 2019

El Pais reports that the AI ​​could not have imagined the corner with which Liverpool eliminated Barça. Trent Alexander-Arnold took the corner quickly, and Divock Origi scored against a Barcelona team that had not expected the play to happen so fast. James French came up with it while reviewing videos. He noticed that the Barça team was protesting and distracted when a corner was awarded.

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