While Cristiano believes he's the king in Arabia, the worst news the Portuguese receives

Cristiano Ronaldo may have to share part of his ‘kingdom’.

Cristiano Ronaldo may have to share part of his ‘kingdom’.
Cristiano Ronaldo may have to share part of his ‘kingdom’.

To this day, and despite his 37 years, Cristiano Ronaldo continues to be one of the most influential soccer players in the world, and has been for more than fifteen years. Now that he's in Saudi Arabia, he seems to recede a bit from the media spotlight, however he takes a cheap shot.

It turns out that Cristiano Ronaldo is the highest-paid player on the entire planet, and when asked about his million-dollar contract, his words and his explanation were: "It's a special contract for a special player," as if he were letting down that only he deserves such a contract.

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Now, however, from Croatia it was reported a multi-million dollar contract for Luka Modric by Al Nassr, the same team as Cristiano Ronaldo. Apparently, Cristiano Ronaldo is not as unique as he thought, because Modric was also going to get paid a lot.

The ‘only’ good news for CR7:

Despite the fact that Modric and Cristiano Ronaldo are friends, the Portuguese will continue to be the sole king of Arabia, since it is reported from Croatia that Modric would have rejected the offer, since he wants to retire at Real Madrid, the club where he is a legend, just like Cristiano Ronaldo...

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