Lionel Messi's teammate reveals the Argentine's only difficulty at Inter Miami

The great difficulty that Messi would have at Inter Miami is revealed

The great difficulty that Messi would have at Inter Miami is revealed
The great difficulty that Messi would have at Inter Miami is revealed

Lionel Messi has had a great performance in his first months with Inter Miami. Although the footballer has currently been suffering from physical discomfort, the great resurgence of the team this season has a lot to do with the actions of Lionel Messi. Now, the player faces the most complicated stretch of the season, with the closing of the regular season in the MLS, as well as the final of the US Open Cup where they will face the Houston Dynamo.


Messi's arrival has also been extremely positive for each of his teammates. Mainly the young people. However, one of Messi's teammates at Inter Miami reveals the only great difficulty that the Argentine has had since his arrival in Major League Soccer. This is about the language barrier, something that is normal in football, but there has been some confusion because Messi only speaks Spanish.

Benjamín Cremaschi, the team's young promise, revealed that Messi communicates mainly in Spanish, which can be a barrier for some players, especially for those who do not speak the language. In dialogue with the media 'The American Dream', he said: “He speaks only in Spanish so there are some who don't understand like DeAndre (Yedlin), but he seems very motivated and everything he says is correct and to help the team. . I would love for everyone to be able to understand it, because some can't at all."


What else did Cremaschi say about Messi?

Despite this challenge, Cremaschi praised Messi's motivation and wisdom on the field. He highlighted that Messi's words, although in Spanish, have a powerful and positive impact on the team. "Everything he says is impressive. For example, against Los Angeles he said it was a difficult game but it was also a challenge for us, not only to show that we could get into the Playoffs, but to show that we could be champions. He said it clearly. in a demanding way. It's more about looks. But when he speaks, he speaks. It's incredible."

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