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What Suarez will do with his first salary at Inter

By Hector Garcia

What Suarez will do with his first salary at Inter

The Uruguayan footballer began his ambitious work in 2018 and will try to complete it with the creation of his own professional team.

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Luis Suárez, the soccer star who shone in the biggest clubs in Europe, and this year will take his first steps in the MLS alongside his friend Lionel Messi at Inter Miami, is cultivating his legacy away from the fields, although on of the sport that defines his greatest passion: football. The Uruguayan has embarked on the majestic task of building a future in sport through an ambitious initiative: the LS Sports City, an infrastructure that promises to be a beacon of football development in his native country.

The LS Sports City (80 thousand square meters), which bears the player's initials, includes three children's and youth soccer fields, three professional level and a mini-stadium with capacity for 1,500 spectators, locker rooms, gym, common and food areas, four parking lots and an administrative building. This venture, beyond being a mere sports complex, aims to be the seedbed from which Suárez will seek to forge his own soccer team and rise to the top of the Uruguayan league.

Speaking to GeGlobo in September, Danilo Alvez, sports coordinator of the project, revealed: “Luis Suárez wants to have his own professional team.” The aspirations are clear but aware of reality: “We have to go step by step. LS is already a SAD (Sociedade Anônima Desportiva), but to reach the elite of Uruguayan football it is necessary to start in the fourth division.”

At the same time, Alvez was transparent about the challenges that the project entails: “This process can last about seven years and involves many economic losses. But, without a doubt, our next step is professionalization.” “I put a lot of emphasis on the family, because I believe there is nothing better than being able to share things with the family,” the scorer said through tears in March 2022 after managing to expand his sports center, located in the town of Shangrilá, in the department ( province) of Canelones.


A better future

The project, which began its journey in 2018 in the City of the Coast, has seen a notable expansion in 2022 with the incorporation of a semi-Olympic swimming pool, a gym and multipurpose spaces for different activities. Furthermore, during his time at Atlético de Madrid in 2021, Suárez acquired land adjacent to the Ciudad Deportiva with a view to continuing the growth of his ambitious complex. However, for Danilo Alvez and Suárez, building a winning team goes beyond sporting achievements: “The most difficult thing is to create a feeling of belonging.”

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