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The new star that will arrive at the LA Galaxy, Chicharito begins to tremble

By Jose Castro

The new star that will arrive at the LA Galaxy, Chicharito begins to tremble

The new partner that "Chicharito" Hernández would have in the Galaxy and that would take away his place as leader

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Uruguayan striker Luis Suárez decided to return to Nacional, the club that trained him as a professional player. This act was romantic, since he only signed for one tournament with no option to renew longer. Now the striker has revealed where his future lies.

The MLS is one of the Uruguayan striker's options, rumors mention that the LA Galaxy wants to hire Luis Suárez for next season, even the player has revealed that he is one of the closest options to follow his career.

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The action of Chicharito Hernández that is the mockery in the MLS

Chicharito Hernández defines his future in the LA Galaxy. Will he return to Chivas?

“It is one of the options that I see very close, but now I don't think about that. I think about and enjoy Nacional”, stated the striker in an interview for the newspaper Marca. In November, Luis Suárez's contract ends at his club and after that he will play the World Cup with the Uruguayan National Team.

The salary offered by the LA Galaxy to Luis Suárez

The LA Galaxy offers him a millionaire salary of 7 million dollars per season, the Uruguayan would be the highest paid player in the club, with this he would displace Javier Hernández, the Mexican striker has the highest salary in the team. So this great outsider would be Chicharito's partner in 2023.

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