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The action of Chicharito Hernández that is the mockery in the MLS

By Jose Castro

The action of Chicharito Hernández that is the mockery in the MLS

Javier Hernández had a bad time against Real Salt Lake

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Javier Hernández is going through a great moment in the MLS. The Mexican striker has 17 goals this season and is the best soccer player in the LA Galaxy for three seasons. He will now help his team to fight in the playoffs to win the championship.

"Chicharito" had difficult moments in the season, there were several games where he could not score goals, and some teammates criticized the actions he performs outside of soccer. Many thought that he was without concentration in the LA Galaxy.

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But the Mexican striker managed to raise his level and has become the LA Galaxy's best scorer this season. His goals helped the team to be close to the MLS playoffs. And with these performances he will continue at the club for one more season.

The ridiculous play of Javier Hernández

Now Javier Hernández had a play that caused a lot of ridicule in the MLS. The Mexican striker was inside the area and gave a pass where there was not a teammate. Even his rival Real Salt Lake posted a controversial tweet against the LA Galaxy player.



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