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Mexican players that won't be back with their MLS teams in 2022

Bad performances during the 2021 season or a thight salary cap might be the reason why this players won't be back with their teams for the next MLS season.

Alanis and Van Rankin are still under contract with Chivas, as their loans weren't renewd
Alanis and Van Rankin are still under contract with Chivas, as their loans weren't renewd

As the new MLS season approaches and the teams start building up their squads, most of them already extended contracts to the players they considered were needed and signed new ones to fill the spots they still had.

Mexican players such as Chofis López, Chicharito or Julián Araujo are still considered by their current teams.

That’s not the case for all the Mexicans that played in MLS during 2021 though, as some of them watched their contracts expired and now are on the market, searching for a new club in MLS or Liga MX.

Some of them were on a loan, so they’ll go back to the teams that own their rights unless they can find a spot on an MLS roster.

A number of factors should be taken into consideration when building up the best possible squad, amongst which we can find low performances during last season, players coming out of an injury or a tight salary cap for 2022.


Here’s a list of Mexican players that ended contract with their current teams on 2021 and are waiting to find a new team.

Oswaldo Alanís won’t be renewed by San Jose Earthquakes

After playing two seasons for the squad coached by Matías Almeyda, his contract expired with the ending of the 2021 MLS Season and The Goonies decided to not renew his loan or buy his rights, which means he’ll have to go back to Chivas, unless he can find another team first.

Marcelo Michel Leaño could be taking in consideration his addition to the team, as he’s still in need for a center-back. It’s worth mentioning that Alanis has a year left on his contract with Chivas, which will benefit El Rebaño Sagrado as they won’t have to spend money to bring him back for at least until December of 2022.

With San Jose, Alanis played on 25 games this season, 24 of them on the starting lineup and one coming from the bench. He didn’t play on 5 other games. Although he wasn’t able to assist during the season, he managed to score two goals for his team and was given a yellow card on three occasions.

Even if he was a regular for Almeyda’s squad, the team decided he won’t be back for a third season with them.

Josecarlos Van Rankin and Portland Timbers part ways

Van Rankin’s future is still on the fence, as his loan with Portland Timbers has already ended and Chivas, owner of his rights, doesn’t know if he’ll have a spot on the team for Clausura 2022.

After just one season, the runner-up of the 2021 MLS Season decided to part ways with the right-back, where he played on 33 matches during the regular season, 27 of them in the starting XI, and had four apparitions during the playoffs.

Chivas hasn’t spoken up about his future, but it seems that they’re not sold on him, as Michel Leaño doesn’t have him considered as he does have Alanís. Hes´s under contract with Guadalajara for six more months, so they might be looking to sell him before he becomes a free agent over the summer.

Carlos Fierro says goodbye to San Jose

After joining San José Earthquakes for the 2019 season, Carlos Fierro had been a regular in Matias Almeyda’s squad. But on 2021 he didn’t have the best of the performances, as he only played 38% of the possible time.

He was able to score only three goals and assist on three other times, statistics that only add up to an irregular year, which is the main reason the Quakes didn’t offer him an extension for a fourth year with them.

Now, as a free agent, Fierro will look for a new team to start the year, either on Liga MX or MLS, but his salary might prevent him from joining a club with attacking needs, as the ones that had that need on Liga MX mostly have signed already a player or can’t afford him.

Cubo Torres looking for a new team for his 8th MLS season

Entering 2022, Erick Torres will have to look for a new team if he wants to continue his career in MLS, or turn around to Liga MX and find his fourth Mexican team. After a disappointing 2021 season, Atlanta United decided to part ways with him.

With only 20 appearances throughout 2021 and only 620 minutes disputed, the 28-year-old forward was unable to score a single goal for the Five Stripes. He didn’t participate in any of the goals scored by Atlanta, as he also didn’t have any assistances.

Either he finds a new club and stays on MLS or returns to Liga MX, Cubo Torres will have to improve his numbers if he even wants to be considered for a team to invest on him in the long run.

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