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MLS new ball: name, features, how to buy it and when it will be released in the league

Major League Soccer's new ball seeks to represent all of its players and diversity through its new artwork.

This item is now available at the Adidas online store at an approximate cost of $164. 
This item is now available at the Adidas online store at an approximate cost of $164. 

The new MLS ball for the 2022 season was unveiled and through its artwork, it seeks to spread a clear message: MLS is home to all. 

MLS and Adidas, creditor of the ball, confirmed that this will be the ball that will be used for the next tournament in 2022. 

However, it was confirmed that the first time we will see this ball rolling will be during the MLS Cup Final, which will be played between Portland Timbers and New York City FC next Saturday, December 11th. 

New MLS ball name

The ball will have the name Nativo 21, and under this name, it will seek to represent the values that characterize MLS in the 21st century. 

Major League Soccer has become one of the most globalized leagues, with fans and players from all over the world, so the new ball for 2022 seeks to convey the message of inclusion from its name.

Nativo 21 features

After choosing a retro look in 2020 to commemorate the 25th MLS season, this year's official ball returns to a more traditional look. This is reflected, in part, in the red, white and blue colors.

The ball presented by Adidas and MLS shows a totally characteristic design that has a lot to do with the United States and Canada, since in its silhouette the rose (typical flower of the USA) and the Cornus canadensis (typical of Canada) have been captured.

In addition to the previously mentioned details, the ball integrates the colors representing the other countries of origin of MLS players into its design.

The new official ball is a symbol of the league's extraordinary diversity. The ball's design reflects the 860 MLS players from 79 different countries and highlights the sense of unity and belonging of soccer communities around the world.

Among its most important features, the new MLS ball integrates an updated look that comes with the names of each MLS city engraved around the ball. 

In terms of technology and specifications, the ball maintains adidas' latest model: the high-quality construction seen at the FIFA World Cup.

How to buy the new Major League Soccer ball?

This item is now available at the Adidas online store at an approximate cost of $164. 

Before you buy it, you should know that the brand sends all the balls deflated, in order to keep the shipping cost low.

The ball has a FIFA Pro quality certificate, as it has passed all seven tests (weight, circumference, roundness, bounce, water absorption, pressure loss, and shape and size retention) to earn the FIFA seal of quality under even more demanding conditions.

Standard ball size:

Size 5: ages 12 and up.

Size 4: 8 to 12 years old

Size 3: 8 years and under

Size 1: skills/practice

When it will be released in the league?

As previously reported, the new MLS ball will debut at the MLS Cup Final, but other teams in the league will have access to it until the tournament kicks off. 

This will happen in the second month of next year, as to better align with the 2022 international calendar, the MLS regular season will start earlier.

The championship will kick off on Saturday, February 26 and will end on Decision Day, the last day of the regular season, on Sunday, October 9.

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