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Beckham cries at Inter Miami: what happened to Real Madrid legend

David Beckham's Inter Miami defeated Toronto 3-1 in the MLS to the delight of the fans and Beckham himself, who celebrated with his fans.

Beckham - Inter Miami
Beckham - Inter Miami

Inter Miami beat Toronto 3-1 in MLS, and the fans celebrated wildly. David Beckham, owner of the franchise, decided to join in the joy of the fans who have made a name for themselves in North American soccer for their unique style songs.

The most fanatical fans were outside one of the entrances to the stadium, with chants that included drums and trumpets. However, madness was unleashed when they spotted the former Manchester United player in the distance, who -without hesitation- was invited to join in.

Despite what one might expect from the suit he was wearing and the correct behavior with which he is usually seen, Beckham decided to join in and look like one of the Vice City, who is known to be one of the loudest in Inter. Inter Miami is five points behind the Play off qualification zone, with two games in hand. The fans are excited about a possible championship.

How was Inter Miami born?

It all started at a dinner party at Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony's house in Los Angeles. There Marcelo Claure met a fascinating person, Simon Fuller, who told me that his partner David Beckham intended to make a soccer team in the United States. I told him that I had the same dream and that it should be in Miami."

But Claure and Beckham's dream was not solidified until the incorporation of brothers Jorge and Jose Mas, several months later. According to Claure himself, it was thanks to the Mas Santos brothers that they were able to consolidate the project: "finally (through them) we found the missing piece; a local partner who knows Miami very well and who could complement what we had on the table".

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