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Who is Rubén Flores, the successful Mexican coach with an international career and father of three stars?

Rubén Flores inspired his children to become soccer players.

The father has been a key piece in the development of his children in soccer.
The father has been a key piece in the development of his children in soccer.

Rubén Flores was a Mexican soccer player who was not very successful on the field. He tried, debuted in the First Division, but did not stand out. But the ball guided his life, his desire to grow took him abroad, he forged a career as a coach, and love appeared, the result of which his three children were born: Marcelo, Silvana, and Tatiana, who may be the future of the Mexican national teams. But also those of Canada or England.

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Who is Tatiana Flores and why did she prefer the Mexico National Team over England?

"I played very little in the First Division; soccer got me ahead. I took coaching courses and went out looking, I was in the Turkish and Caicos Islands, I went to Canada, and I was in South America, Argentina, and Brazil. I decided to grow abroad, it was risky," Flores said.

Ruben married a Canadian woman and now lives in England. His three children play, are good, and have been called up by the Mexican national team, but also by Canada and England. Which one will they decide on in the end?

"I don't know. It's their decision, if it were up to me, I wish it were Mexico, but it's something they will decide in their own time."

Who are the three children?

Marcelo Flores

Marcelo is in the Arsenal U-18s, with some appearances in the U-23s, and sometimes trains with the first team. In the national team, "he has been with the U-16 and U-18 for Mexico. He was left out of the U-17 World Cup, but it was a good decision, they made it to the final.

Silvana Flores

Silvana, 19 years old, is the older sister. The player is an Ispwich Town midfielder who has been called up on multiple occasions to the Mexican U-20 national team. Silvana is now part of Maribel Domínguez's plans for the Pre-World Cup in her category.  Silvana has also played for Chelsea, Reading, Arsenal and Tottenham youth teams.

Tatiana Flores

At 16 years old, Tatiana Flores has attracted attention for her constant involvement on the scoreboard, but the most recent was on January 16, 2022, when she scored 4 goals in Chelsea's 7-0 final thrashing of Brighton in the Women's Regional Talent Club U16. 

The player had been consistently called up to the Mexican U-17 Women's national team coached by Ana Galindo but now she has been called up to the U-20s, although she was also working with the England National Team in 2020.

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Silvana Flores has played for 5 teams in England, which are they?

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