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Who is Tatiana Flores and why did she prefer the Mexico National Team over England?

Tatiana Flores is one of the great promises of Europe and preferred to play for Mexico, despite being part of the England team.

Tatiana Flores
Tatiana Flores

Tatiana Flores is the name of the young woman who has amazed Mexican soccer fans, because despite having a secure position in the England women's team, she decided to represent the national team. Tatiana is only 16 years old and already works as an attacker in English soccer Chelsea, a team where she was able to show all her talent and attract the attention of the British team, in which she came to represent in lower categories. However, his heart was always with Mexico.

In fact, during 2020, Tatiana Flores suffered the contempt and malicious comments of some detractors who, given the stoppage in all leagues and the impossibility of traveling to Mexico to concentrate with her teammates, decided to play some games with England so as not to lose the competitive rhythm.

"Passion and pride", wrote the young woman in her last Instagram post, where she made clear her commitment to Mexican women's soccer, after attending the U-17 team call and showing an outstanding performance.

Tatiana Flores is now ready for the largest selection. In fact, she is the captain of the team and had a great performance during the last match. The footballer stood out among all those selected, after scoring a double in the game that they beat Deportivo Guadalajara Senior 1-3. This great performance by Tatiana, made her fill with praise and her name began to sound to join the senior team.

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