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This player will quit playing for Mexico National Team after Gerardo Martino was ratified as El Tri’s coach

Before the game against El Salvador, Martino’s future was hanging by a thread.

El Tri is waiting to know the teams they’ll face in Qatar 2022.
El Tri is waiting to know the teams they’ll face in Qatar 2022.

The 2-0 victory over El Salvador for the last match of the CONCACAF Qualifiers answered one of the questions that had followed Mexico National Team since the back-to-back defeats against USMNT and Canada MNT: will Gerardo Martino coach El Tri in Qatar?

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The answer is: yes. According to sports journalist David Medrano, Yon de Luisa already backed up “Tata” Martino’s project for at least until Qatar 2022, although if he manages to help the team improve their performances before November, they might extend his contract.

There’s still a lot of questions unanswered, mainly the ones surrounding their performances and the lack of goals, an issue that is becoming one of the things that Martino has received more critics for, especially for the quality of strikers there are in El Tri.

Now, for the remainder of the year, “Tata” will have to focus on generating more competition on his roster, as some of the regular players have lost their shape thanks to the fact that the feel immovable from Martino’s scheme. But his presence in El Tri has made that some players decide to step down.

Who is stepping down from El Tri?

He once was one of Martino’s favorite players, but after getting into a fight with Jorge Theiler during the 2021 Gold Cup, Martino’s assistant coach, Carlos Salcedo was vetoed from El Tri and erased from any further callings.

He’s talked about the incident and has said that he can’t change the past, but he still wanted to be part of the roster that arrived in Qatar, as he knew that there was a possibility that Martino wouldn’t make it in El Tri until November.

Salcedo’s only hope to return to the roster of the Mexican national team was that FMF decided to part ways with him and having a new coach in the bench, whether it was Miguel Herrera, Hugo Sánchez or even Guillermo Almada or Diego Cocca, something that ultimately didn’t happen.

His attitude might have costed him the 2026 World Cup

Salcedo is known for having a strong character, something that has benefitted him at times but has also diminished his growth, as he’s been sent off multiple times for unsportsmanlike conduct or fouls that could be avoided.

That same attitude is what made him discuss with Theiler, although he couldn’t control himself, things escalated and now he’ll have to watch the World Cup from his house. And if Martino gets ratified for the 2026 World Cup, Salcedo will most likely miss it again.

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