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The coach that will replace Gerardo Martino in Mexico National Team before Qatar 2022

Martino’s health could prevent him from arriving at the World Cup.

Yon de Luisa already has a coach to replace him.
Yon de Luisa already has a coach to replace him.

Mexico National Team had to wait until the last of the games of the CONCACAF Qualifiers to ensure direct passage to the 2022 FIFA World Cup, but they ended tied in first place with Canada MNT in one of their weakest participations in recent years.

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Even if the results were favorable for the Aztec squad, Gerardo “Tata” Martino hasn’t found a way to improve their performances, as they diminished after the CONCACAF Nations League, when USMNT started their 4-game-streak without losing against El Tri.

But nevertheless, after the World Cup bound, Yon de Luisa ratified Gerardo Martino as the coach that will be with the Mexican national team in Qatar, and he said that he believes that he’ll find a way to overcome the irregular performances El Tri has had.

But it’s yet to be known if Martino is going to make it until Qatar, as the health issues that prevented him from travelling to Honduras on the last FIFA match window, could make him step down from El Tri if he doesn’t fully recover.

The coach that will replace him

If Martino can’t make it to Qatar, Yon de Luisa already has a coach in mind to replace him; Ricardo “Tuca” Ferretti, given that he’s one of the most experienced coaches in Liga MX and will end his contract with FC Juárez at the end of Clausura 2022.

Ferretti doesn’t have plans of renewing with Bravos, which makes him the perfect option for the Mexican national team, as FMF won’t have to pay a release clause to a team, like they’d do with other candidates, like Miguel Herrera.

Ferretti has coached El Tri in the past, but only as an interim coach, as he didn’t find enough motivation to stay in a team that’s usually managed by the economical interests, but De Luisa has found a way to convince him to be the coach for the Aztec squad not only for Qatar, but also for the next World Cup.

What’s the way they convinced him to arrive in El Tri?

Given that there won’t be any Qualifying games for Mexico National Team for the 2026 World Cup, as they’re one of the hosting teams, El Tri needs to find a way to keep a competitive level, which is why they’re negotiating their participation in the 2024 Copa América, one of Ferretti’s desires to help El Tri improve their level.

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