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Sevilla FC vs Celta de Vigo: Jesús 'Tecatito' Corona and Néstor Araújo were starters in the game

The match ended in a draw but it was a great opportunity to see two Mexicans starting for European teams.

The mexicans were starters in today's duel between Sevilla FC vs Celta de Vigo in La Liga
The mexicans were starters in today's duel between Sevilla FC vs Celta de Vigo in La Liga

Jesús "Tecatito" Corona and Néstor Araújo were starters in today's duel between Sevilla FC vs Celta de Vigo in La Liga, a duel that ended in a draw and was the opportunity to see both Mexicans on the field. 

"Tecatito" Corona has just arrived at Sevilla and is already a starter, which means he has the confidence of the team and of coach Julen Lopetegui, who has already allowed him to make his debut in La Liga, the maximum circuit of Spanish soccer, as a starter. 

Néstor Araújo already has more confidence in the player since he was also a starter in Celta de Vigo's victory against Osasuna just a few days ago. 

But what was a real surprise was to see this pair of Mexican players starting for two of Spain's most recognized teams, whose match ended in a 2-2 draw.

Sevilla FC vs Celta de Vigo: a chance for "Tecatito" Corona to make his La Liga starting debut

A little over a week has passed since the Mexican player's arrival to the Spanish team and even though his debut in the Copa del Rey was frustrated in the Sevilla vs Betis match because a fan threw an object at a player on the field, today "Tecatito" was finally able to make his debut as a starter. 

Although the player was unable to make an impact on the scoreboard, he made his presence felt in a couple of important plays in the match.

First, in the 15th minute, the Mexican winger had an important passing opportunity, but he did not hit the ball well and the ball went out for a corner. 

Later, in the 16th minute, the player made a great play and shot at goal, but to his misfortune, the shot went right into the hands of the Celta de Vigo goalkeeper, so he saw his opportunity to score his first goal in his new team frustrated. 

In the 42nd minute, "Tecatito" was in action again when he sent a great cross for Ocampos, who sent it wide.

Despite his great participation in his team's game, the Mexican came off in the 73rd minute, when Gudelj replaced him.

However, during the minutes he was on the field, Corona was constantly in the opponent's area and participating in his team's collective play.

Néstor Araujo was in the game from start to finish and did his defensive work, but neither he nor his teammates were able to prevent goals from Alejandro Darío Gómez in the 71st minute and Óliver Torres in the 74th minute

For Sevilla FC, the goals came courtesy of Franco Cervi in the 47th minute and Iago Aspas in the 40th minute of the match. 

Corona called up to the Mexican National Soccer Team

The moment that Jesús 'Tecatito' Corona is living is one of the most important in his life as a soccer player, not only because today was his debut as a starter in La Liga, but also because he was called up to the Mexican national soccer team

Corona, along with his teammates, will have the great obligation to get the Mexican national team out of the hell it is in since it has not been able to secure its ticket to the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. 

So in his role as a striker and his legs, the player has the great responsibility of scoring so that Mexico's dream of attending the next World Cup does not turn into a nightmare.  

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