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One of Gerardo Martino’s favorite players will step down from Mexico National Team prior Qatar 2022

Guillermo Ochoa aims to be the starting goalkeeper.

El Tri has less than 8 months to improve their performances.
El Tri has less than 8 months to improve their performances.

Mexico National Team has less than eight months to try to solve the problems they showed during the CONCACAF Qualifiers if they want to arrive in Qatar 2022 in the best possible shape, as they will have to face two tough games during the group stage.

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El Tri hasn't lacked the results needed for the World Cup bound, as even with the weak performances they had on the Qualifiers, they managed to finish with 28 points, tied with Canada MNT as the best teams in the confederation, although the goal difference benefited the Canadians.

And that's exactly what they have to improve, as El Tri was able to score three goals in just one game of the Qualifiers, while they couldn't score on three occasions, including the two games against USMNT and the defeat against Canada.

Some of the players in the roster knows that it's time for a generational change, as the things that have hurt El Tri the most have to do with the lack of verticality that only youth can contribute, which is why one of Gerardo “Tata” Martino's favorite players is considering stepping down from the Aztec squad prior to the World Cup.

Who is the player that will retire from the Mexican national team?

During the time that Gerardo Martino has been coaching the Mexican squad, Guillermo Ochoa has established as the starting goalkeeper, a place that no other goalkeeper has been able to steal from him, which is why everything points at him being on the lineup in the World Cup.

Jonathan Orozco knows it, as he's been waiting for his opportunity to shine with El Tri, something that might not happen as he will turn 36 before the World Cup starts in November, added to the consecutive injuries he's had in recent games, he knows it's time to step down from future calls.

Orozco himself has said that even if it's his dream to be part of the roster that will represent Mexico in Qatar 2022, if he's not on the best shape he can and injuries keep coming, he will decide to leave his place to a healthier and younger player.

Who can replace him?

Carlos Acevedo will be the player that replaces him in the Mexican national team, something he already did on the past FIFA match window, as Orozco had to miss it due to the injury that he suffered during the Xolos de Tijuana game against FC Juárez.

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