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Ochoa's actions to truncate Chuy Corona in El Tri and retire him are uncovered

Guillermo Ochoa cut short his career and uncover what the Mexican goalkeeper did to retire him from the Mexican national team. 

What Ochoa did to Corona
What Ochoa did to Corona

Mexican goalkeeper Guillermo Ochoa has been questioned on the subject of his level and the debate that has been generated by what he puts together within the Mexican team. It turns out that Ochoa was one of those responsible for the departure of certain players, such as José de Jesús Corona, from El Tri.

According to information from journalist Ruben Rodriguez, in the podcast "a la sobra del Tri", he uncovered what is happening with the Mexican team and the way in which the Cruz Azul goalkeeper saw his career affected by Guillermo Ochoa.

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In the podcast, Rodriguez exposed that Miguel Herrera, when he took over El Tri, had in mind the possible call-up and starting position of Chuy Corona. However, the play and actions of Ochoa himself affected him to end up earning his place.

What did Ochoa do to earn his place?

Rodríguez pointed out that in a strange way, while El Tri was training at the CAR, Guillermo Ochoa was practicing one-on-one on a nearby field. It is a situation that caught the attention of the coach on duty, Miguel Herrera, and he opted for his starting place.


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