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Mexico National Team: How much time will Gerardo Martino have to wait until he can travel again?

He couldn’t travel with El Tri to Honduras.

El Tri will face several games from April until August.
El Tri will face several games from April until August.

Mexico National Team has seven months to prepare for the 2022 FIFA World Cup, where they will face Poland on November 22, Argentina on November 26 and Saudi Arabia on November 30, being the games against Poland and Argentina the ones that will define their presence on the elimination stage.

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The Mexican national team will need to improve their performances, as they prioritized the results over their presentation during the CONCACAF Qualifiers, according to Gerardo “Tata” Martino, who said is aware of the things El Tri is lacking.

Martino will use the friendly games that El Tri will play, as well as the CONCACAF Nations League, to improve not only the roster, something that is needed, but also the performances of the squad to a similar level that they had during the first two years of Martino’s stint.

But one of the main problems that the Argentine coach is facing is not related to El Tri, or soccer at all for what matters, as his health could prevent him from being on the sideline for most of the games that the Aztec squad will play outside of Mexico, as he can’t travel by plane.

He’ll miss the games that El Tri plays in the United States

Reports from ESPN inform that Gerardo Martino won’t be able to travel with the Mexican national team to the games that they’ll play in the United States as part of the Mextour, as he’s still recovering from an eye surgery.

But the main problem is not the treatment he’s going through, as it goes from six months up to 12, depending how well his body responds, but the bubble that they placed in his eye to avoid another retinal detachment.

According to Oftalvist, the time that Martino will have to wait until the bubble is removed is of three months, but after that, he’ll have to wait at least eight more weeks to know if his eye is fully recovered, something that might not happen as the process could be slowed given the pressure and fatigue that his position in El Tri brings with it.

Will he be ready for Qatar 2022?

If everything goes right on schedule, it will take at least five months for Gerardo Martino to be ready to hop on a plane again, something that will allow him to be with the Mexican national team in Qatar 2022, although he’ll miss most of the friendly games.

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