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If taken to El Tri, the coach that Gignac proposes

If André Gignac were to make it to the Mexican national team, the coach he would consider for El Tri knows that Martino is not up to the task. 

Gignac and the coach he proposes for Mexico
Gignac and the coach he proposes for Mexico

Gerardo Martino continues to be at the center of controversy due to the fact that the Mexican national team's coach has not delivered results, does not generate, but above all, has not given the contribution of renewing youth.

As a result, the Mexican team continues to fail to make the leaps in quality and has simply stagnated on the issue of renovation. This was pointed out by André Gignac who, in an interview for Franco Escamilla's channel, exposed certain controversies with the coach.

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For André Gignac, the issue of the coach is a mess because he never achieved the renewal of the squad, a situation that determined that there is no renewal process for the Mexican national team. In addition to the renewal issue, the Frenchman may shake up the squad once and for all.

Which coach would Gignac consider for El Tri?

The coach Gignac is considering is Ricardo Ferretti, an element that has already given results in Tigres and Gignac has enormous faith in him for El Tri. For a brief period of time, Ferratti served as interim coach of the Mexican team and obtained great performances. Now, he could have a second turn, with more time and planning in between.


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