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He’s behind El Tri’s worst exhibition ever, and now karma got him

He was on the pitch the night Chile National Team beat 7-0 El Tri.

He's been away from the pitches for a while.
He's been away from the pitches for a while.

The fatidic night of June 18 of 2016 is a date that will forever be engraved in stone for all supporters of El Tri, when Mexico National Team recorded their worst defeat against Chile National Team, losing by a 7-0 score that will haunt everyone that played that game.

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He was on the pitch that night, and some people have pointed him as the man behind Mexico’s debacle, not only for what the National Team displayed, but for the lack of answer on a game that Chileans didn’t have mercy for a squad that looked frightened of the ball.

After that game, people lost faith in Juan Carlos Osorio and his project as front man of El Tri, but now, the Colombian coach has been finally put away from the pitches, as he can’t seem to beat covid, after keep testing positive for this illness.

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What has transpired with Osorio’s career?

After ending his tenure with El Tri, Osorio joined Paraguayan National Team for a brief period, as he only coached them for a game. He later then coached Colombian side Atlético Nacional between 2019 and 2020, and currently is América de Cali’s coach.

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