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Every Guatemalan player wanted to exchange jerseys with Marcelo Flores, who achieved it?

He’s considered a star given that he plays in Arsenal.

Every Guatemalan player wanted to exchange jerseys with Marcelo Flores, who achieved it?

Although the game between Mexico National Team and Guatemala National Team didn’t have a lot of emotions, as it ended in a scoreless draw that helped to boost the Guatemalans morale, as they remain unbeaten since Luis Fernando Tena became their coach.

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In a match with little excitement, Mexico draws against Guatemala

The Mexican squad had the possession of the ball throughout the 90 minutes, but that wasn’t enough for them to reflect it on the score sheet, as they didn’t have a clear goal option given that the Guatemalans close the game from the midfield down.

Players like Israel Reyes from Club Puebla and Roberto “Piojo” Alvarado from Chivas left the game early following the instructions that their respective clubs requested, given that both teams will play on Friday night their last game of Clausura 2022 and need to have their best players rested and ready to go.

Reyes was substituted after the first half ended, giving his place to Arturo “Palermo” Ortíz, who made his debut with Mexico National Team just eight months after he was playing in Liga de Expansión. Alvarado returned to the pitch for the second half, but after 15 minutes, he was substituted by Marcelo Flores.

Flores, one of the most acclaimed players

If Marcelo Flores was having second thoughts about wanting to represent Mexico in the World Cup and throughout his career, the ovation he received one he jumped in the pitch should be enough for him to reaffirm his wish to be part of El Tri.

Flores has said in the past that his love for Mexico, country where he has never lived, comes from his father and his family, as he is the one that taught him what it means to be Mexican, although he knows that he still has the door open to represent Canada.

Although it was his second cap with El Tri, this time he had over 30 minutes to display his soccer, and even if he only had one dribble, the game helped Flores not only to feel more included in the group, but also to feel the differences from playing with the U-20 to the senior team.

He exchanged jerseys at the end of the game

Given the popularity that he’s received in recent months, at the end of the game, several Guatemalan players approached him to try to exchange rosters, although in the end it was José Aparicio who acquired the jersey of the future Mexican star.

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