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What Chivas is asking for the permanent move of Alexis Vega

Chivas are willing to sell Alexis Vega in a millionaire amount.

Alexis Vega with the jersey of Chivas Guadalajara
Alexis Vega with the jersey of Chivas Guadalajara

Chivas are going through a crisis that doesn’t seem to be ending soon, especially because of the presence of Marcelo Michel Leaño in El Rebaño’s dugout, who is one of the responsible of the bad results they been having in Clausura 2022.

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But Amaury Vergara, Chivas owner, doesn’t seem to care that El Rebaño is far from becoming a team that scares their rivals, especially since they couldn’t beat Club América and Atlas in the back-to-back Clásicos they played before the FIFA match window.

Some of the players have realized that they don’t have room to grow not only in Liga MX but in their professional careers as long as Michel Leaño is coaching Chivas, which is why they’re looking to leave El Rebaño as soon as possible.

That’s the case with players like Raúl Gudiño, whose contract expires at the end of the season and was benched as a punishment for not renewing his contract, given that Chivas are not willing to let him go for free, or Alexis Vega, who has refused to extend his contract, although he still has until December to resolve the issue.

Vega can leave Chivas over the summer

Alexis Vega has been one of the best players in El Rebaño for Clausura 2022, as he’s been one of the most regular amidst the experiments that Michel Leaño does in the starting XI, something that hasn’t gone unnoticed for both Liga MX teams and some European clubs that are looking to keep importing Mexican players.

He knows that he’s been followed by several teams, which is why he’s refusing to sign a contract extension, as the possibility of leaving Chivas over the summer is very plausible. According to reports from TUDN reporter Karina Herrera, Eredivisie side PSV Eindhoven is interested in acquiring him for the 2022-23 season.

Is worth remembering that in January, PSV and Chivas signed an agreement to develop an alliance between the two clubs, not only to improve their academy teams but also to exchange players and coaches, giving PSV the priority to sign Chivas players, opening the door for Vega’s arrival in Eredivisie.

What’s Vega’s market value?

According to Transfermarkt, the 24-year-old left-winger’s market value is set at $7.2 million, although Chivas knows that given that he’s one of the best players on their roster and that they could lose him if they wait longer, they are looking to sell him for $10 million.

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