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This is the coach that will replace Marcelo Michel Leaño in Chivas

Chivas have won just 4 games with Michel Leaño as coach.

They haven’t won a Liga MX title since 2017.
They haven’t won a Liga MX title since 2017.

It’s clear that thing haven’t worked out in Chivas for a while, especially since Marcelo Michel Leaño took over his current position, as he doesn’t seem to have a solid project and his players look lost during most of the game.

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Chivas followers have been asking for his resignation at least since they were eliminated in Apertura 2021 playoffs by Club Puebla, but Amaury Vergara, who imposed him after firing José Manuel Vucetich alleging poor results, has stick to his decision. At least until now.

Reports suggest that Vergara finally understood that Chivas need a change if they want to become Liga MX contenders once again, something that during the middle of the season could only happen by changing the coach.

Who could replace Michel Leaño?

According to reports, former Chivas defender and legend, Ramón Morales, will be the designated to replace Michel Leaño, and he has even been in conversations with Amaury Vergara, as he’s been seen in Chivas facilities talking with him.

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