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There won't be promotion for next season and this team will buy Club Querétaro to play in Liga MX

Liga MX has imposed a lot of restrictions to the clubs in Liga de Expansión.

Only three teams fulfill the requirements to be promoted.
Only three teams fulfill the requirements to be promoted.

Since the system of promotion and relegation was banished from Liga MX in April of 2020, the expectation was to have it back in a 5-year span, meaning that the next time that a team from Liga de Expansión gets promoted will be for the 2025-26 Liga MX Season.

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But after Apertura 2021 was over, Mikel Arriola, Liga MX president, opened the possibility to restore the system for the 2022-23 seasonif at least four teams of Mexico’s second flight were interested in returning to the first division and cleared all the requirements needed.

Such requirements included a stadium that can host at least 20,000 people, having a solid academy structure and owning training facilities, as well as having financial stability that could be proven and not belonging to an owner with a club already playing in Liga MX.

With all the restrictions applied to the teams, there were less than 10 teams that could get promoted, and even if they needed four teams to ask for a restoration, only three of them presented their applications, which closed the door for them, although they still have the chance of playing in Liga MX thanks to Querétaro.

Which team is looking to buy Querétaro?

According to reports from ESPN theteams that applied to restore the promotion/relegation system were Club Atlante, Atlético Morelia and Leones Negros, but given that it wasn’t enough, they will now have to wait until 2025 to be able to play in Mexico’s top-tier division.

But Atlante doesn’t want to wait four more seasons to be able to get promoted, which is why Emilio Escalante, Atlante owner, is already in conversations with Grupo Caliente and Jorgealberto Hank to acquire the franchise of Querétaro.

Gallos Blancos has to be sold by the end of the year after the violent incidents that happened in Estadio Corregidora over a month ago, and according to sports journalist David Medrano, given the good relationship that exists between both parties, Atlante is positioning as the team that will take Querétaro’s place for next season.

How much will they have to pay?

According to Radio Formula, the net worth of the Querétaro franchise is set at $22 million, but it will increase if it’s taken in consideration the roster’s value and all the other assets, which will place the value of Gallos Blancos over $40 million.

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