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The striker that Ricardo Cadena wants to replace Ángel Zaldívar in Chivas

He’s scored three goals in Clausura 2022.

Chivas doesn’t have a striker to complete their lineup.
Chivas doesn’t have a striker to complete their lineup.

Since RicardoCadenareplaced Marcelo Michel Leañoin Chivas three games ago, El Rebaño Sagrado remains unbeaten, as they’ve won against Cruz Azul, Xolos de Tijuana and Pumas in three games where they’ve been the protagonists.

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The salary that Ricardo Cadena will have as Chivas coach for next season

It only took Cadena three games to achieve the same number of victories than Michel Leaño did during 13 games, and with only one game left in the regular season, Chivas is looking to have the home advantage in Repechaje, as they already ensure their participation in the playoffs.

Cadena has found a way to make El Rebaño remember how to close the games, as well as coming from behind when needed, something they couldn’t do with Michel Leaño and that costed them at least eight points lost in the last minutes.

Amaury Vergarais aware that Chivas is playing better than ever, which is why he’s considering making Ricardo Cadena the coach of El Rebaño Sagrado for at least one more season, as they’re still looking for a coach to take over the team once Clausura 2022 is over.

Cadena is already planning next season

The conditions established by Amaury Vergara and Ricardo Peláez for Cadena to remain as Chivas’s coach for Apertura 2022 were to earn as much points as possible to ensure their participation in Repechaje, something they already did, as well as being protagonists in the elimination stage.

Cadena knows they are on pace to achieving it, which is why he’s already planning how to improve the team for next season, as he knows that Chivas hasn’t found a striker that can score consistently, which is why he wants to part ways with Ángel Zaldívar.

Zaldívar is under contract with El Rebaño until 2024, which will mean that either he’s loaned to another Liga MX team to gain regularity, or sell him over the summer, as Cadena already has his replacement, and added to the presence of José Juan Macías as the second striker, Zaldívar will be relegated to the bench if he doesn’t leave.

Who is the striker that will replace Zaldívar in Chivas?

Cadena knows well the players in Chivas academy and reserves teams, which is why he knows that Paolo Yrízar has the abilities to debut in the first division with El Rebaño, as he’s been one of the most consistent players in CD Tapatío, team that Cadena was coaching before getting promoted.

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