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The salary that Guillermo Ochoa wants to remain in Club América

His contract expires at the end of the season.

He wants to retire with Las Águilas.
He wants to retire with Las Águilas.

Guillermo Ochoa is one of the most iconic players of Club América in recent years, as he was formed in the Academy teams of Las Águilas and after succeeding in Europe, he returned to continue his career with the Azulcremas.

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Ochoa has stated in the past that one of his dreams is to retire with the team that opened the door for his successful career, which is why he is willing to renew his contract with América before becoming a free agent, something that will happen at the end of the year.

When he decided to return to Liga MX, Las Águilas paid $1.5 million for his permanent move to Belgian side Standard Lieja and Ochoa signed a 3-year contract in which he would earn $4.5 million per year, making him the best paid player in Club América.

But now that his contract is coming to an end, he knows that he can’t agree to the terms that Las Águilas have established for signing players over the age of 30, as that would lower his salary dramatically, which is why he’s trying to negotiate a contract that works for both parties.

How much is he asking to earn?

According to Moisés Muñoz, former Club América goalkeeper, Las Águilas have strict conditions to sign or renew players over 30 years, including adjusting their salary according to their performances and only offering a 1-year deal.

Those conditions allow América to not risk their investment and their performances of the season, as they don’t compromise on a long deal that lets them part ways after a short period of time if things are not working for them.

Ochoa is aware of this and he’s alright with the duration of the contract, but he is not willing to accept to reduce his salary that drastically, which is why he would only consider renewing if América maintains his current salary, although he would accept lowering it to $4 million.

Where can he play if he doesn’t renew?

Reports suggest that he wouldn’t mind continuing his career in the MLS, given that the United States is a place where he would consider raising his children. For now, there’s interest from at least three American teams that want to add him for the 2023 MLS season.

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