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The request of Thomas Christiansen to arrive in Chivas that Amaury Vergara doesn’t like

Amaury Vergara will keep Marcelo Michel Leaño in Chivas structure.

Christiansen could become their new coach.
Christiansen could become their new coach.

It's more than evident that things haven't worked out in Chivas since Amaury Vergara decided to part ways with José Manuel Vucetich and instead place Marcelo Michel Leaño as El Rebaño coach during Apertura 2021.

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Since then, Michel Leaño has coached 20 games, from which he has won only five –three of them in Clausura 2022 although just one in the last five games–. In that span of time, El Rebaño has eight draws and seven defeats.

In total, Michel Leaño has earned 23 out of the 60 available points, less than half, which explains why Chivas haven't been able to take a step forward and reach the top half of the table, as they currently are standing 10 after 11 rounds.

Vergara finally realized that El Rebaño needs a change and even if he will keep Michel Leaño in the bench for the remainder of Clausura 2022, Chivas will have a new coach for the next season, and everything is pointing towards Thomas Christiansen.

He could arrive after Panama's elimination

Thomas Christiansen took over the Panamanian national team with the challenge of returning to a World Cup, something he almost did, as they were battling to be the fourth seeded in CONCACAF right until the last round.

With the defeats against Mexico and USMNT and the draw against Honduras, theylost any chances of accessing the playoffs, which opens the door for his departure from Panama and, according to reports, he already has everything set to become Chivas' next coach.

What is he requesting to arrive?

Christiansen knows that in order to have a good roster and being able to compete in any league, a club needs to have an outstanding academy, which is why he's requesting to be involved with the academy teams of El Rebaño.

If that were to happen, Vergara will have to either fin Michel Leaño a new position in Chivas' structure or part ways with him, as he had promised the Mexican coach to keep him in El Rebaño coaching one of the academy teams.

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