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The player that can be Ángel Zaldívar’s replacement in Chivas

Zaldívar has scored three games in the season.

He hasn’t scored since Ricardo Cadena arrived.
He hasn’t scored since Ricardo Cadena arrived.

With Ricardo Cadena on Chivas’s dugout for the last four games of the season, El Rebaño Sagrado found the regularity and the results that they never had with Marcelo Michel Leaño, and now with 12 points earned and the home advantage in Repechaje secured, Chivas looks stronger than ever.

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Ricardo Cadena won’t stay in Chivas; Ricardo Peláez already has his successor

El Rebaño Sagrado finished the regular season with 25 points after arriving at the last quarter of Clausura 2022 with only 13 points and outside of Repechaje spots, as Marcelo Michel Leaño couldn’t find a way to make Chivas play like a team.

With Michel Leaño on the dugout, Chivas didn’t have a clear plan to follow through the 90 minutes, as he was more interested in experimenting in the starting XI than establishing a long-term plan, something that Ricardo Cadena has changed since his arrival.

Now that Cadena has ensured their presence in the Repechaje, and probably Liguilla with the way they’ve been playing since he took over the team, he knows that is time to make some changes in the roster, as not all the players that he’s started have contributed.

Ángel Zaldívar could lose his place in the starting XI

Although Cadena has found the best lineup available, he knows that there’s still some spots where the starting XI could improve, especially the striker, as Ángel Zaldívar hasn’t been able to score since he replaced Michel Leaño.

As if that wasn’t enough, Zaldívar has scored just three goals in the current season, two of them in the first two games of Clausura 2022, something that hasn’t sit well with El Rebaño followers, who are asking to get him benched.

The obvious answer would be replacing him with José Juan Macías but given that he’s been dealing with an injury for the past few games and doesn’t seem to be able to return soon. That doesn’t seem to stop Cadena, knows there’s another player in the roster that can take his place.

Who is the player that can replace him?

Paolo Yrízar arrived at Chivas for the current season, and even if he was registered with El Rebaño, he has played most of the season with CD Tapatío, where he scored five goals and assisted two times, numbers that could improve Chivas’s performances if he was to replace Zaldívar.

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