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Ricardo Ferretti asks $3 million to sign with Chivas, making Ricardo Cadena the cheapest option

Ferretti is looking for a new job.

Cadena has five straight victories with Chivas.
Cadena has five straight victories with Chivas.

After Amaury Vergara and Ricardo Peláez parted ways with Marcelo Michel Leaño, they haven’t stopped looking for candidates to replace him as Chivas coach, even if Ricardo Cadena is proving that he should be considered to fill the position.

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Chivas will have Marcelo Bielsa as their next coach if they fulfill these requests

While Chivas’s executives continue their search for a new coach, El Rebaño Sagrado is getting ready to face Atlas in the first leg of the quarterfinals of Clausura 2022 after they managed to beat Pumas 4-1 in the Repechaje game that gave them the ticket to Liguilla.

The new edition of the Clásico Tapatío will be the toughest game that Ricardo Cadena has faced so far, as a victory will solidify his case to be considered as a viable option for him to remain as Chivas coach if they manage to beat Los Zorros and make it into the semifinals.

From an economic point of view, he is the best option for Chivas, as the salary he currently earns is the lowest among all the options that Vergara and Peláez are considering, especially Ricardo Ferretti and Marcelo Bielsa.

What was Ferretti’s salary in FC Juárez?

After Ricardo “Tuca” Ferretti decided to part ways with FC Juárez given the poor results that Bravos had during the year that he coached them, he’s looking to continue his career elsewhere and clean his name from the failure that was the 2021-22 Liga MX Season.

But his arrival at Chivas, even if it looks possible, would imply that El Rebaño is willing to pay him $3 million per season, a sum that even if they have paid it in the past, wouldn’t ensure that the Rojiblancos will become instant candidates to winning a new Liga MX title.

Things wouldn’t change much if they decide to sign Marcelo Bielsa, who has been their priority for the past weeks, as “El Loco” had a $8 million per year salary when he was coaching Leeds United, and even if he is willing to lower it to half to return to Mexico, it’s still high compared to what Cadena earns.

 How much does Cadena earn?

According to reports from Goal, Ricardo Cadena is the coach in Liga MX that has the lowest salary, as he keeps the salary he earned when he was coaching CD Tapatío: $50,000. He will have the chance to increase it up to $400,000 if he becomes Chivas coach for Apertura 2022.

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