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Orbelin Pineda: Celta de Vigo freed up foreigner's places to receive Mexican player

Everything seems ready for the player's arrival in Europe and Pineda sent an emotional message to La Maquina fans.

Celta is rushing the process to free up the foreign player spot they have so that Orbelin Pineda can be announced.
Celta is rushing the process to free up the foreign player spot they have so that Orbelin Pineda can be announced.

Everything seems ready for Orbelin Pineda to join Celta de Vigo, as it has been confirmed that the Spanish team is about to free up a space for a foreign player, which could confirm the player's transfer.

The board of directors of the Spanish club announced that Brazilian Thiago Galhardo will receive an Italian passport in the next few days, which will change his immigration status and turn him into a community player.

Thus freeing up a place for a foreign player, which will be occupied by Pineda.

This is the same situation that Diego Lainez went through a few weeks ago when he obtained Spanish nationality to stop being a non-EU player and thus be able to explore more options in the old continent. 

Celta is rushing the process to free up the foreign player spot they have so that Orbelin Pineda can be announced as a new reinforcement for the Spanish club. 

So far, the club is working hard to solve the problem of the excess quota of extra-community players.

 Currently, the team has extra-community players places occupied by Peruvian Renato Tapia, Argentinean Franco Cervi, and Brazilian Thiago Galhardo, but it is already known that the latter will be "sacrificed" as he is in the process of obtaining his Italian passport. 

If the arrival of the Mexican player is confirmed these days, he could be in the same team as his compatriot Nestor Araujo

Orbelin Pineda to Celta de Vigo and his message to Celeste fans

Orbelin Pineda cannot hide the fact that he is about to fulfill the dream of every Mexican soccer player: to go and play in Europe. 

For this reason, the player sent a message to all the fans of La Maquina that, more than a farewell, sounds like a message of affection for the fans who have supported him for so long. 

In an interview with TUDN, the mixed midfielder expressed his feelings towards the affection of the fans who supported him for so long

"The days and months that I was here flew by. I feel happy, proud of myself and my teammates, of what was achieved, and of being able to see the club's shield with another star". 

Pineda is referring to the title won by Cruz Azul in the Guard1anes Clausura 2021 tournament, the team's first in more than 24 years after that of 1997. 

The player was fortunate to have been part of the generation that broke the "curse" that weighed on the team.  

About traveling to another country, the player also commented that it will be a new challenge, but that he will give his best to overcome it. 

"Now I have another country and another culture, I hope to adapt as quickly as possible. That's what life was made for, to continue celebrating everything you do. It's not goodbye, it see you soon," concluded the player. 

The dilemma of foreigner's places

The issue of extra-community players is always a challenge for European clubs.

But the fact that these players apply for citizenship from European countries helps their teams to keep bringing in talent from outside. 

For example, Celta Vigo players Renato Tapia and Franco Cervi have applied for Spanish and Portuguese nationality respectively, to free up spaces for the team. 

At the same time, these players can move around the European continent more easily, looking for a place in other soccer teams.

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