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Miguel Herrera erased him from Tigres and now Club América wants to acquire him

He arrived in Tigres in 2019.

Las Águilas have showed interest in him in the past.
Las Águilas have showed interest in him in the past.

Miguel Herrera arrived in Tigres for the current season to take over a team that had Ricardo “Tuca” Ferretti as their coach for over 10 years, and even if it took him a few months to establish a new system, he finally made the team play the way he likes.

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Since the 2-0 defeat against Club Puebla in the second round of Clausura 2022, Tigres has won all their games but one, a 2-2 draw against Cruz Azul, confirming that the efforts that Herrera has done are finally working.

But by doing that, he has sacrificed the rotation of players to give regularity to most of the same 11 players that are regular in his starting XI, especially since they have André-Pierre Gignac and Florian Thauvin as the players that stand out the most.

It’s no lie to say that Gignac is one of the best strikers in Liga MX and that benching him would be one of the biggest mistakes that any coach could make. But the fact that he’s playing most of the games is closing the door to the other strikers of Tigres.

A player wants to leave

Nicolás “Diente” López knows that he won’t get the playing time he wants to have if he stays in Tigres, as there’s no way he’ll steal Gignac’s protagonist role unless the French striker gets injured, which is why he wants to leave Los Felinos, as it was evident that he doesn’t have a place in Tigres after the Clásico Regio, where Herrera decided to leave him on the bench.

His contract expires in December of 2023, meaning he still has to play three more tournaments with Tigres unless a different team acquires him first, which is why he’s already looking for a potential change to get a fresh start, one that could arrive thanks to Club América.

What will Club América have to pay for him?

Las Águilas tried to acquire the 8-year-old striker last season, but Herrera decided to keep him in Tigres given that Gignac was injured. But now that the Frenchman returned to his old self, there’s no reason to maintain him in Tigres.

Reports suggest that Las Águilas are interested in making a trade to acquire the economic rights of “Diente” López. In exchange, they’re willing to sendFederico Viñas to Los Felinos, as Miguel Herrera was the one who requested the Uruguayan striker when he was in América. If the permanent move of Viñas isn’t enough, they’re also willing to add $3 million to the package to finalize the deal.

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