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Marcelo Michel Leaño wants a non-Mexican player given the crisis Chivas is in

Chivas couldn’t win against Club León on their latest game.

They currently stand ninth after six games in Clausura 2022.
They currently stand ninth after six games in Clausura 2022.

After Chivas lost on their visit to Club León in the last seconds of the game by a 2-1 score, the criticism against Marcelo Michel Leaño became more obvious than ever, as he couldn’t maintain the score or even earn the three points, as Chivas looked more dangerous on the final part of the game.

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Chivas lost a point with a last-minute score of Club León

Not even after he gave José Juan Macías, who had his debut in Clausura 2022, and Sebastián Pérez Bouquet, one of the most promising players Chivas has in their academy squads, El Rebaño Sagrado was able to find the net, even if León conceded the iniciative.

Now, Marcelo Michel Leaño is starting to feel that his future in Chivas is not as solid as he thought it was, which is why is willing to break one of Chivas longstanding traditions just to try to save his position within El Rebaño.

Who is the player that Michel Leaño will try to acquire?

According to reports, Rogelio Funes Mori is on Chivas radar as they don’t have a true striker that can finish the plays once they reach the penalty box. Funes Mori is not going through a great moment and a change of environment could benefit him.

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